Hebert Class of 1968 Charity Concert June 22, 2018


The Hebert High School graduating class of 1968 in partnership with the Hebert High School Mass Reunion Scholarship Fund is hosting a Charity Concert at the West Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, 3605 Waco Street in Beaumont, Texas. Please join us for a ‘Concert to Remember’ on Friday night, June 22, 2018 at 6:00PM. Our prayer is that you will join the Hebert High School Mass Reunion Scholarship Fund and the Class of 1968 as hosts to witness a musical performance by a world-class and premier classical artist, Dr. Ronald High. Dr. High, a Hebert High School graduate in 1968, has graciously agreed to perform for anyone in the general public who would like to attend. The concert will be followed immediately by a reception in the Fellowship Hall of West Tabernacle. Come out at no charge and meet Dr. High, enjoy great music, and fellowship with the residents of the surrounding area and the class of 1968.

In addition to great music and fellowship, you and many others like you who not only have a passion for classical and gospel music but also have a heart for the young people of Beaumont will contribute to Beaumont’s future for generations to come. The proceeds from sponsorship of the concert, given to the Hebert High School Mass Reunion Scholarship Fund, supports the dreams of our youth and continues to build a solid foundation of professionals, craftsmen, tradesmen, and thinkers all of whom are substantial constituents encouraging a bright future for Beaumont.

The Hebert High School Mass Reunion Scholarship Fund is an established 501 (C3) non-profit organization whose many activities have bolstered youth and seeks to establish an enduring legacy characteristic of those seeking a thriving Beaumont and Tri-City area. Below is a form that should be completed and submitted by May 31, 2018.

Sponsorship Opportunities

General Sponsorship: $500.00 to $5,000.00

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  • Receive special recognition in a separate section of the Ad Book
  • Have your organization name and link appear on the event website
  • Have your name recognized on posters or banners during the reception
  • Have your name and logo recognized on a full page advertisement in the Ad Book
  • Have your name and logo recognition on all media advertisements and press releases as a sponsor of the concert.

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Ad Book Sponsorship: $5.00 to $500.00

Ads: $25.00 to $500.00

Please consider purchasing advertisement in the Ad Book that will be distributed that evening. Your ads, whether standard or custom, will portray your documented encouragement to Beaumont’s future graduates, the Class of 1968, the Mass Reunion Scholarship Fund, or Dr. Ronald High. All attending will read your special words. In fact, since your encouragements are written, they are available for residents, even those who cannot attend that evening, to read for eternity. All will know, forever, that your heart is and was with other Beaumonters who seek the very best for our young people. Through your ad, you will have:

  • An opportunity to get your message to any potential customers, voters, or friends.
  • Your business name displayed with others who support Beaumont’s future.
  • An opportunity to provide a replicate of your Ad to attendees at the reception.

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Patrons: $5.00 to $20.00

As a patron, you are acknowledging that no size of the partnership is too small. In fact, all are important as we seek to leave a legacy for our posterity. Your individual names or the names of your organization will be listed in the Ad Book. As a result, all those who attend will see that you support the vision of extending the line of Beaumont College or trade school graduates. Therefore, we look forward with great anticipation to seeing your name listed.

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Special Instructions